Overhaul, modernization, installation and service agreements.

Regarding our long term period produce state of arts spare parts we also have very good knowledge regarding overhaul/renovation, modernization to winder. We can provides top-class overhaul for all products which manufactured by us. We carry out overhauls in our workshop and in the field. We are also available offer for on-site installations of our products, and we also provide maintenance service at the installation site. Most of case we make installation by self. This range of business we have done last eight year.

One of our focuses is that we not use supply supplier. What we do, we try do by self. Then we are so nearby that possible in our clients projects. One of our latest innovations is offering renovated sectional rolls to your clients.

Regarding service agreement we have made special statement and time schedule how we do service to core chucks in our workshop. It´s also available on our another products. This range of business we have done last ten year.